Spring Meal Plan - Lighter Days, Heartier Nights

Lighter Days, Heartier Dinners Meal Plan: Grain-free, dairy-free, and seasonal (with only a few cheats!)...this meal plan is perfect when the days are warm but the nights are chilly, such as fall and spring.

This meal planning ebook is ideal for springtime, when the days are getting warmer and we're starting to crave lighter fruits and veggies, but the evenings are still chilly and we want something heartier and warmer for dinner.

This meal plan includes:

  • 7 hearty dinners with yummy seasonal ingredients
  • 5 unique and substantial smoothies
  • 2 heavier breakfast or lunches
  • A seasonal food guide to help you make modifications
  • A customizable grocery list to print and go
  • A full week of recipes that are easy to follow
  • 21 bonus ideas for easy snacks, lunches, and breakfasts

This menu is 100% paleo friendly, but can be easily modified to include grains or dairy if you'd like. It does call for nuts or nut/seed butter, almond milk, coconut products, flaxseeds, and nightshade plants (most of which is easily exchanged for something that fits your dietary needs). Only one recipe calls for eggs, but an egg substitute would also suffice.

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